Certificates for sustainability, organic products and allergy-friendliness

The Harmonie Vienna is one of the first hotels in Vienna to hold three certificates for sustainability, allergy-friendliness and organic products.

Austrian Certificate for Organic Quality

Guests of The Harmonie Vienna can enjoy a selection of high quality organic products delivered by local producers.

We provide the highest quality organic food and as a result have been certified by the “Austria Bio Garantie” which is Austria's leading inspection body.

ECARF-seal of quality for allergy-friendly products and services

We are an allergy friendly hotel and meet ECARF-standards. This means that our whole building is smoke free and that we also have pet free zones. We avoid allergy causing green plants which release aeroallergens and especially pollinating plants. Pot plants are used only in hydro-culture to avoid the risk of mould.

Our air conditioning system is externally monitored according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and filters are changed regularly. The allergy-friendly rooms have parquet floors. We offer allergen-proof encasings for mattresses, blankets and pillows to reduce dust mites. Upon request we provide personal hygiene products for sensitive skin (fragrance free or hypoallergenic soaps, shampoos, creams etc). Allergy-friendly products are also part of the breakfast buffet.

The Austrian Eco-label

Our hotel concept is eco-friendly and sustainable. During the renovation of the hotel we paid special attention to eco-friendliness and energy-saving architecture. We also look out for optimised waste management, eco-friendly cleaning products, respectful work places, first class quality service and a selection of healthy and regional organic foods.