Traces of dance in the boutique hotel

Some of the most unique design elements in The Harmonie Vienna are works of art by Luis Casanova Sorolla. In his visionary art project „Signapura“ the Peruvian artist captures dance movements on paper. 

When entering the lobby of The Harmonie Vienna you will immediately notice a big beautiful painting. Surprisingly what looks like it has been painted was in reality “danced”. 

Dance a painting

The idea and art work for these remarkable painting derives from the artist and dancer Luis Casanova Sorolla. He studied at the famous Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and this is where his art project „Signapura“ came into existence. It shows the „pure Signum“- which is Latin for the pure and personal signature of a dancer on paper. The signature of a dancer is of course his movement, the traces he leaves when the dance is finished.

Capturing moments

Our guests can enjoy Mr. Casanova Sorolla’s art in many ways. While the biggest picture is exhibited in the lobby, others are displayed on each floor of the hotel. Detailed extracts of those add to the elegant Viennese design of each room and transform it into a unique piece of art. Various “making of” videos are shown in the hotel lobby and in the rooms for guest who are interested in art.