“The Third Man” sewer tour

The original film set in Vienna’s sewers

Check out the underground during your holiday in Vienna with a visit to the city’s sewers. “The Third Man” sewer tour guides visitors through the original set of the classic Orson Wells film, but you can also find out everything worth knowing about the modern works in the Vienna sewers. Dark, mysterious and full of surprising moments – a special adventure during your holiday in Vienna!

Guided “The Third Man” tours through the sewers of Vienna

The “Third Man Tours” guide visitors through Vienna’s sewers every hour on the hour, Thursday to Sunday from May to October. Starting at Girardipark, the tour leads through the large, red sewer grate and seven metres down the original film stairway into the depths. The so-called cholera sewers are the oldest section of Vienna’s sewer system and have remained almost unchanged since the 1830s.

Details of the “The Third Man” tour through the sewers of Vienna

Equipped with helmet and head torch, you will follow the guide on a tour of discovery through Vienna’s sewers. Particular highlights include the “hold-up room” in which the pursuit of Harry Lime was filmed and the eerily lit vaulted roof of the Vienna River at the end of “The Third Man” tour. The tour concludes directly underneath the Naschmarkt.

Scenes from “Inspector Rex”, “Kottan Investigates” and the music video “Jeanny” by Falco were also filmed here, in addition to the film “The Third Man” starring actor Orson Wells. Modern light projections and the gloomy atmosphere create a creepy atmosphere during the sewer tour.

Other sites from the film “The Third Man” in Vienna

In addition to your tour of the Vienna sewers, you can find out more about the background of the film at the The Third Man Museum in the 4th city district. You can even watch the film itself the Burgkino cinema. The giant Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel in Prater and the Vienna Central Cemetery are other well-known landmarks from the film.

A spooky tour through the Vienna Catacombs is another great option for those who enjoy the “seedy underbelly”. Vienna’s city of the dead contains 30 burial chambers and around 11,000 deceased. A tour of the catacombs is particularly pleasant in the heat of summer.

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