DIAL-UP: To access WIFI, please connect with SSID „Harmonie“.  As soon as you are connected to the network and you open your browser, you will be directed to a central URL that will ask you for a user name and password. This user name and password can be found at the print-out which is available at the reception. As soon as you enter the access information you can use the internet. Please note that your information will be saved personally. Additionally you can use a LAN connection.

HIGH SPEED INTERNET: An internet access is available free of charge in all rooms, the lobby as well as in the restaurant. If you need any help, please contact the reception desk at direct access 9.

ISDN: Please note that the telephone has an ISDN connection. Therefore it is not useable for analog modems.

 COSTS: For our hotel guests the internet is free of charge in the entire building.

 LOBBY PC: A modern PC work place with internet connection and printer is available for our hotel guests in the lobby. You will find a list with useful internet links there.

INTERNET-LOBBY: In the restaurant, bar and hotel lobby you are able to access the internet via your notebook. On the ground floor you will find a modern PC work station with internet access and printing facilities.