2 days in Vienna

Spend two days in Vienna. Be inspired by the charm of the capital of music. You can visit quite a lot of interesting sights in two days but most importantly you should take in the unique atmosphere and feel relaxed when you go back home – As the Viennese saying goes „immer schön gemütlich“ (never stress yourself, take it easy!).

First day

We suggest that you start your first day in Vienna with our delicious and organic breakfast buffet at The Harmonie Vienna. It will make you will feel strong and ready for a productive day. Start your walk towards the inner city. First you will reach Ringstraße and pass the Burgtheater, Vienna City Hall and the Parliament. Cross the Volksgarten park until you get to the Imperial Palace. If you do not like walking, you can always take the D tram and the station is only two minutes away from the hotel. In the Imperial Palace you will find numerous attractions and reminders of the former Habsburg regency, like the Imperial Apartments, the Sissi Museum, the Imperial Silver Collection and the Spanish Riding School.

Upon leaving the Imperial Palace continue your walk through the exclusive shopping streets Kohlmarkt and Graben until you reach St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It is one of the town’s modt famous and loved landmarks and the Viennese simply call it their „Steffl“. Climb up the 343 stairs of the gothic building until you reach the famous Boomer Bell (Pummerin). Enjoy the breathtaking view over the City!

From Stephansplatz stroll along Kärnter Straße, pass the Opera House and continue your walk to Karlsplatz. There you will find the impressive baroque dome of the St. Charles Church. Finish your sightseeing tour by visiting one of the numerous traditional Wiener Kaffeehäuser such as Café Landtmann, Café Central or Café Sacher and study the Viennese “Gemütlichkeit” (which translates as a mixture of cosiness and sociability). If you simply order “coffee” or “Cappuccino” the waiter might show you another typical Austrian character trait called „Grant“, which is a certain Austrian way of being grumpy. In Vienna you can never order just “coffee”, you have to specify which coffee you want, e.g. a “Wiener Melange” or “Kleiner Brauner” (small brown coffee – like an espresso). Try your coffee with a Viennese cake or Strudel.

Second day

After an extensive breakfast in our hotel you should start your trip to Schloss Schönbrunn. Walk eight minutes to the U4 station “Roßauer Lände”. Get off at the station „Schönbrunn“ and stroll through the magnificent baroque gardens. You can also go up to Gloriette and take a break and enjoy the outstanding view there.

Then you will have to decide whether you want to visit the palace itself or if you want to see the animals in the Tiergarten Schönbrunn, one of the oldest zoos in the world. The zoo is especially fun for kids. In the palace itself you can visit the Imperial Apartments and salons with all their treasures. Guided tours or audio guides are available to help you understand and experience this historical place.

If you still have enough energy you could take the U4 back to the city, get off at Karlsplatz and take the D tram to the station Belvedere Palace. This baroque castle was built by Prince Eugene of Savoy and consists of two parts, the upper and the lower Belvedere. Visit permanent exhibitions in the Upper Belvedere, among them the biggest collection of Klimt paintings worldwide. The Lower Belvedere displays the fancy living quarters of Prince Eugene and special exhibitions. Enjoy the Baroque Gardens of the Belvedere and the near Botanical Gardens.

After such a productive day you will most definitely need some time to relax in the evening. Take some time out in charming Servite Quarter near the hotel and find a nice restaurant to eat, e.g. Rochus or Pasteria.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Harmonie Vienna packages in order to get the best out of your enjoyable stay in Vienna. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our hotel!

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