The Wiener Festwochen: 5 weeks of pure art and culture

The Viennese art festival in a class of its own

The Wiener Festwochen see themselves as a cross-disciplinary art festival, as a place of multidisciplinary artistic creation: visionary and at the same time familiar with history, international and yet anchored in the city of Vienna. Christophe Slagmuylder, the Belgian-born artistic director of the Wiener Festwochen, has chosen this as the motto for “his” festival.

Year after year, the colorful program consists of tens of productions – amongst them very special world premieres – in which hundreds of artists from all over the world take part. Theater, performance, dance, music, visual arts, installations, discourse, participation and workshops are combined at this internationally recognized art and culture festival, giving rise to new art forms.

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A potpourri of fascinating locations and international artists

The performances of the Wiener Festwochen take place in the most diverse districts at the most diverse venues – from the ice rink to renowned theaters and concert halls to public spaces. Unseen and unheard will be shown during hundreds of performances. Get to know a few of the venues and meeting places around our hotel here:

Vienna City Hall Square

Many events and functions take place with free admission and even under the open sky: The opening of the Vienna Festival Weeks on Vienna’s City Hall Square is certainly a highlight. By the way, this can be reached from the hotel in only 15 minutes on foot.

Vienna Playhouse

The Schauspielhaus Wien is even only five minutes away from The Harmonie Vienna. The theater was originally one of the first movie theaters in Vienna and is still a cultural venue today, especially during the Vienna Festival Weeks.

The „Festwochen Bar“

A popular meeting place for all art and culture lovers during the festival period is the “Festwochen Bar”. It “wanders” through the city and makes stops at various places as a venue for encounters.

The current program of the Wiener Festwochen and all further information can be found at


The Harmonie Vienna as Hotel Partner at the Vienna Festival

Your art hotel in the middle of the culture city

The boutique hotel The Harmonie Vienna sees itself as a hotel that deliberately breaks ranks. So liegt es einerseits inmitten des Künstlerviertels im 9. Bezirk und damit unweit der Wiener Altstadt, die selbst nur so vor Kunst und Kultur strotzt. On the other hand, the hotel design also centers on an art concept that combines dance and painting in a unique way.

Our cooperation with the Wiener Festwochen

So it is only natural that The Harmonie Vienna is a proud hotel partner of the Vienna Festival 2022 and we would like to warmly recommend the great art festival to our guests. As an arts professional, you get our rooms and suites at a discounted rate while staying incredibly central allowing you to reach your venue in a short amount of time.

Artistic flair from early to late

Best of all: The artistic flair of the Wiener Festwochen doesn’t have to stop at the end of the performances in our boutique hotel. Thanks to Luis Casanova Sorolla, we can make your stay with us an artistic voyage of discovery, outside the hustle and bustle of the festival. In his art project “Signapura”, the Peruvian artist immortalized traces of dancers’ colors on paper – these works of art now adorn the comfortable rooms of The Harmonie Vienna, among others. And who knows, you might even meet one of the artists of the Wiener Festwochen at our hotel or even share a corridor with him or her.


Are you excited to get to know Vienna from a different angle?

The central location of The Harmonie Vienna is ideal for getting to know the city center in greater detail.