Museums in Vienna

Art, nature and technology on show

Austria’s capital city is home to numerous museums showcasing the past, present and future of art, nature and technology. World-famous artists, such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Friedensreich Hundertwasser are synonymous with Vienna, with buildings designed by Hundertwasser dotted around the city. Visitors interested in natural sciences, technology and history will also find plenty of museums full of fascinating exhibits and interactive installations.

MuseumsQuartier – the world’s biggest arts district

Vienna’s long and rich history as a home to artists means it should come as no surprise that the city has an exceptionally large number of art museums and galleries. At the Wiener Hofburg ,the former imperial palace, visitors will find the MuseumsQuartier – the biggest arts district in the world – home to internationally renowned museums like the Leopoldmuseum, the Mumok and the Kunsthalle. Artists whose works are on display here range from famous Andy Wahrhol to Egon Schiele. There is always plenty going on here throughout the year. Insummer there are many open-air events, while in winter special exhibitions are put on by the museums.

Hundertwasser Haus – unmistakable Viennese style

A must for fans of architecture is a visit to the eye-catching Hundertwasser Haus designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. His influence can also be seen at the nearby Kunst Haus Wien, which has touches of the classic Hundertwasser style.

Belvedere Palace – baroque architecture and museum

Beautifully tended gardens, magnificently decorated rooms, long hallways and vast banquet halls – Belvedere Palace is a joy to behold. In the museum next door you will find some of Austria’s most valuable works of art from the Middle Ages through to the present day, with works on show including Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” as well as paintings by Vincent van Gogh and Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka.

Wiener Hofburg – art, history and nature

Another must-see is the Museum of Fine Arts. Located just a stone’s throw from theWiener Hofburgthe former imperial palace, it is home to major works by artists including Rubens and Dürer. The Albertina also has a rich collection with paintings by Picasso and Monet.

The Natural History Museum, on the other hand, is great for families. Children will lovethe huge dinosaur skeletons, the Digital Planetarium and archaeological findssuch as the Venus of Willendorf , a perfectly preserved statuette of a woman dating back 30,000 years.

Sigmund Freud Museum & Jewish district

The world-famous founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, spent 47 years of his life at the address Berggasse 19 in Vienna’s 9th district. Today the building houses the Sigmund Freud Museum with artefacts including original pieces of furniture belonging to Freud himself. Set up 1971, by his youngest daughter, Anna, in 1971, it offers visitors a fascinating insight into his life and work. After a visit to the museum we recommenda walk through the surroundingJewish district. including the Jewish cemetery on the Seegasse road with up to 350 graves preserved by the organisation Jewish Community of Vienna.

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